How to get to Geneva


The great history of This city, its development and the vision of its authorities means that Geneva blends the many advantages of a small city with the services and facilities of a large metropolitan area. Furthermore, Geneva’s tradition of welcoming people from all over the world makes its a unique and privileged destination. The central European location of this city and the accessibility provide an ideal setting for international meetings and events such as the Conference on  Mass Spectrometry.

Besides its reputation as home to famous academic and research institutions, the city is known for its worldwide beauty with breath-taking views of the surrounding Alps and Jura.

By plane

There are excellent flight connections to Geneva. Several airlines provide direct flights to Geneva from all over Europe as well as from countries outside Europe. The airport is located at 4 km from Geneva city centre. It can be easily reached by train or by bus using the united network of public transport, Unireso ( Tourist information can be obtained at the information counter in the arrivals hall of the airport.

Geneva Airport 
Information: +41 22 717 71 05

Flight information: 0900 57 15 00 

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If you arrive by plane, do not forget to take a free ticket (one hour)  in the baggage claim area. 

Borne Transports Gratuits Aéroport

Ground transportation

Only one ticket is required to travel by train, tram, bus or boat in the area France-Vaud-Geneva. If you are staying at a hotel, a youth hostel or a campsite, the establishment will offer you the «Geneva Transport Card» that allows you to use public transport in Geneva free of charge during your stay.

When you arrive at Geneva Airport, you can pick up a free ticket for public transport from the machine in the baggage claim area. This Unireso ticket, offered by Genève Aéroport, allows you to use public transport in Geneva free for a period of 80 minutes. It takes only 6 minutes from/to Geneva city centre by train, leaving approximately every 12 minutes from the airport. There is direct access to the airport railway station from the airport Check-in and Arrival levels.

All trains stop at Geneva-Cornavin station (city centre). Several urban buses stop approximately every 8-15 minutes at the airport (bus stops at the Check-in level, in front of or beside the train station).

 By train

More people use the train in Switzerland than in any other country in the world. Geneva has excellent connections within the European railway network. The Swiss SBB connects Geneva to all the neighbouring countries. Geneva Cornavin train station is right in the heart of the city. See the Swiss Railway company website for more information.

Place Cornavin  
 0900 300 300 (CHF 1.19/min) /


CFF Train Station – Geneva Airport

It takes only 6 minutes from/to Geneva city centre by train (every 12 minutes at rush hours).
The airport railway station has direct access to the airport Check-in and Arrival levels.All trains stop at Geneva-Cornavin station (city centre).


By car

All roads lead to Geneva, it is at the crossroads of the European motorway network.
The N1 motorway alongside Lake Geneva circles the city and also leads straight into the centre. At the French border in Bardonnex, it joins the A40 towards Lyon and Paris, or Chamonix and Italy.