Travel Support


Students planning to attend the IMSC and in need of travel support should contact their National Mass Spectrometry Society. 

Students applying for travel support  from their National MS Society, or the IMSF should provide:
– application letter and CV
– copy of submitted abstract and
– letter of support (supervisor / professor)

The amount of support will depend on the distance travelled.



If no support is available from the National MS Society, PhD students presenting at the IMSC (oral or poster) have the possibility to apply for support from the  International Mass Spectrometry Foundation  student travel program.

The IMSF is pleased to announce an extension of the deadline for Travel Grant Applications for IMSC until 25th July.  The IMSF Travel Grant Application form, with instructions, can be downloaded from the IMSF website ( All decisions on applications will be confirmed by 1st August. 

New deadline for travel grants application: 25.07.2014


PhD students and postdocs working in Switzerland, or Swiss PhD students and postdocs working abroad and presenting at the IMSC (oral or poster) can apply for support from the Swiss Group for Mass Spectrometry (SGMS)  and the Division of Analytical Sciences  of the Swiss Chemical Society.

Deadline for application: 31.07.2014


PhD students working in Taiwan, or Taiwanese PhD students working abroad can apply for support from the Taiwan Society for Mass Spectrometry.

TSMS  Travel Award Winners:

Chia-Feng Tsai
Academia Sinica
Motif-Targeting Quantitative Proteomics for Absolute Phosphorylation Stoichiometry Measurement
> Poster Presentation

Chao-Yu Chen
Fu Jen Catholic University
Metabolomic study of trans-trans 2, 4-decadienal induced lung lesions in mice by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry
> Poster Presentation

Szu-Hsueh Lai
Academia Sinica
Advanced bioparticle accelerator
> Poster Presentation

Avinash Adhikrao Patil
National Dong-Hwa University
Factors that Affect Transmission of High Mass MALDI Ions in a Multi-Quadrupoles Rectilinear Ion Trap Mass Spectrometer
> Oral Presentation

Po-Chih Chang
National Dong-Hwa University
Investigating the effect of protein degradation on the quantification of genetically modified soya using stable isotope labeling and mass spectrometry
> Poster Presentation

Chih-Wei Chiu
National Taiwan Normal University
Differential Proteomics of Monosodium Urate Crystal Induced Inflammatory Response in Dissected Murine Air Pouch Membranes by iTRAQ Technology
> Poster Presentation