The 2014 Thomson Medal Award

The Thomson Medal Award 2014

The IMSF affiliates nominated 19 candidates for the 2014 Thomson Medal Award. A first round of voting reduced this number to six which in a second voting yielded the two winners, who are (in alphabetical order):

Prof. Carol V. Robinson (nominated by the British Mass Spectrom. Soc.)

Prof. Renato Zenobi (nominated by the Czech Society for Mass Spectrom.).

There will be an Thomson Medal Award ceremony on Thursday evening of the 20th International Mass Spectrometry Conference, Geneva, Switzerland



The Thomson Medals   

The Thomson Medal is named after Sir J. J. Thomson, who was responsible for building the first mass spectrograph more than 100 years ago. He also predicted many features of modern mass spectrometry. He discovered the electron using mass spectrometry and won the Physics Nobel Prize in 1906 for his research.

The Medals are sponsored by the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation (IMSF), and were first awarded in 1985. The previous winners are:

2012: R. Aebersold, A. Makarov, F. Tureček
2009: C. E. Costello, C. C. Fenselau and P. Roepstorff
2006: J. H. Bowie, M. L. Gross and M. Karas
2003: R. M. Caprioli, F. Hillenkamp and V. L. Talrose
2000: J. B. Fenn, D. F. Hunt and A. G. Marshall
1997: M. T. Bowers, D. E. Games and J. F. J. Todd
1994: C. Brunnée, C. Djerassi and H. Schwarz
1991: K. Biemann, H. Matsuda and N. M. M. Nibbering
1985: J. H. Beynon, R. G. Cooks, K. R. Jennings, F. W. McLafferty and A. O. C. Nier