Keynote & Plenary Speakers


Plenary Lectures

Dugourd Philippe Ion Mobility – Spectroscopy
Hoffmann Jules A. Innate Immunity: from Flies to Humans
Kutschera Walter Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
Moon Dae Won SIMS imaging
Nolan Gary Single Cell Mass Spectrometry
Mayor Michel  Extrasolar-planets: The quest for Earths Twins    

Keynote Lectures

ALLMAIER Günter S3 – Instrumentation
ALTWEGG Kathrin S30 – Geology, Astrophysics and Space Exploration
ANDERTON Chris S7 – Imaging – Instrumentation
BARRAN Perdita S32 – Ion Mobility Spectroscopy
BREUKER Kathrin S28 – Biomolecular Conformation in the Gas Phase and In Solution
CIANFERANI Sarah S38 – Non-Covalent Interactions
CHAIT Brian S21 – New Ionization Techniques
CHEN Yu-Chie S25 – Nanomaterials in Mass Spectrometry, Nano- materials Characterization
FELDMANN Jörg S35 – Elemental and Isotopic MS, ICP-MS General, Cultural Heri- tage and Archaeology
FENSELAU Catherine S10 – Microbes and Viruses
FERNANDEZ Facundo S29 – Ambient Ionization and Miniaturization
FLETCHER John S40 – 2D and 3D Analysis and Imaging of Inorganic, Organic, and Biological Materials
GABELICA Valérie S5 – Nucleic Acids
GINGRAS Anne-Claude S11 – Targeted and Quantitative Proteomics
HECK Albert S44 – Very Large Biomolecules and Structural Biology
HEEREN Ron S14 – Detectors and High-Mass MS
KELLEHER Neil S23 – Top-down Proteomics
KINTZ Pascal S42 – Forensics and Doping
KOHLBACHER Olivier S39 – Informatic tools for Mass Spectrometry
KRSKA Rudi S36 – Advanced Mass Spectrometry in Food and Nutrition
LAMOREE Marja S15 – Effect-Directed Analyticité Mass Spectrometry
LASKIN Alexander S4 – Aerosol Mass Spectrometry and Atmospheric Science
LAURELL Thomas S19 – Microfluidic Devices and Nanotechnology
LEWIS Matt S31 – Biomarkers and Diagnostics
MARSHALL Alan S1 – Fourier- Transform Mass Spectrometry
MATTHEWS Dwight S16 – Labelling Strategies and Quantitative Biomolecule Analysis
MIEKISCH Wolfram S24 – Breath Analysis and Volatile Metabolites
MISTRIK Robert S27 – Small Molecules – Data Acquisition and Analysis
ORESIC Matej S26 – Metabolomics
PASCH Harald S2 – Polymers
RODGERS Mary S18 – Exploiting Ion-Molecule and Ion-Ion Reactions in the Gas Phase
RUDD Pauline S8 – Carbohydrates
TAKATS Zoltan S6 – Clinical Applications and Screening
TANNER Scott S45 – Single Cell Mass Spectrometry
TAO Andy S17 – Protein Phosphorylation and other Post-translational Modifications
THOMAS Kevin S43 – Environmental Trace Analysis – Emer- ging Contaminants
VERMEULEN Michiel S22 – Cell Biology and Cellular Pathways
WALCH Axel S20 – Imaging Mass Spectrometry – Applications
WENK Markus S12 – Lipidomics
WHEELER Aaron S37 – Separations Hyphenated to Mass Spectrometry, Focus on Applications
WILLIAMS Evan S13 – Gas-Phase Ion Spectroscopy
WYSOCKI Vicky S41 – Gas-phase Ion Fragmentation Mechanisms
YEW Joanne S9 – Environment – Biological Systems Interactions
ZUBAREV Roman S33 – Data Analysis – General