The 6th Journal of Mass Spectrometry Award

The JMS Awards 2014

The 2014 winners of the JMS 2014 are (alphabetical order):

  • Kathirvel Alagesan – “A novel, ultrasensitive approach for quantitative carbohydrate composition and linkage analysis using LC-ESI ion trap tandem mass spectrometry”
  • Denis Mikhailovich Chernyshev – “Method of duty cycle enhancement for orthogonal accelerator TOF MS with axial symmetric mass analyser, connected with drift tube IMS”
  • Stamatios Giannoukos – “Membrane Inlet Mass Spectrometry for In-Field Security Applications”
  • Jozef Lengyel – “Nucleation and chemical reactivity of mixed aerosol particles: New approach based on mass spectrometric detection”
  • Michael Wleklinski – “Synthesis and Reactions of Atomically Precise Clusters at Atmospheric Pressure”

The Journal of Mass Spectrometry Award Symposium is held on the occasion of the International Mass Spectrometry Conference.

5 Postgraduate Awards

  • 5 awards of EUR 1200 will be made to assist the awardees in travel and attendance at the conference.
  • Each winner will receive a complimentary subscription to JMS.
  • The postgraduate student winners will include representatives from Europe/Africa, Asia/ Oceania and the Americas.
  • Each winner will present a 15-minute talk on their work in the JMS Awards Symposium.
  • Each winner will receive a certificate and mention in the Journal and have the opportunity to publish their paper in the journal if they choose.

Selection Criteria

  • Awardees will primarily be chosen on the basis of the abstract of their intended talk and their curriculum vitae
  • Awardees should not hold a Ph.D. degree by 31st  January 2014.
  • Selection will be by the International Mass Spectrometry Foundation who will use a committee of 5 members with representation from each of the three geographical regions

How to Submit

Applicants should submit an abstract of their intended talk (1 page max) and a curriculum vitae (2 pages max) in pdf or word format to the chair of the JMS Award Committee, Dr Einar Uggerud (