Why not talk to people, working in those “strange” scientific fields?

Green aurora borealis dancing in the sky


We, the scientific committee of the International Mass Spectrometry Conference – IMSC2014, welcome you to Geneva. You might not be aware of it, but mass spectrometry (the MS in IMSC) is part of your life! Your bags are checked for cocaine using MS, when you go through customs, your blood checked for biomarkers of disease, your food for illegal levels of pesticides and other things, and if you’re lucky enough to see the northern lights in the sky (aurora borealis), you’re actually looking at ions, same as we do when using MS.

The IMSC2014 will open your eyes to fields of MS you never knew existed! We have selected mass spectrometric topics that bridge totally different scientific fields. This is what the International Mass Spectrometry Conference is all about! Unlike other mass spec meetings, the IMSC covers all aspects, from instrumentation to space exploration…


Here are some reasons why you should attend:

  • to enjoy a high-level scientific program including six plenary sessions, 45 keynote presentations, four awardceremonies, two tutorials, three workshops, sponsor events and socials,
  • to network and meet new people,
  • to get new ideas from looking at your problems from a different perspective!

The scientific committee has put together a program that fulfills just that! You will not only have the opportunity to listen to world-famous scientists present their work, but also to talk to scientists from totally different fields. Best of all, you will be hosted by a cosmopolitan town with easy access to the Alps and other great sights.


-> join us in Geneva and enjoy this stimulating environment

IMSC2014 scientific committee

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